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Prislista 1 januari 2016
Bed in mixed dorm 200:-
Studentprice in mixed dorm 180:-
Bed in female dorm 220:-
Small single room 430:-
Single room 490:-
Single room with WC/Shower 600:-
Dubbelrum 590:-
Double room with WC/Shower 690:-
Three bed room 690:-
Four bed room 870:-
Rent bedsheets 50:-
Rent bathtowels 20:-


Bed in mixed dorm (20 beds): 250 SEK
Studentprice in mixed dorm: 225 SEK
Bed in female dorm (8 beds): 250 SEK
Studentprice in female dorm: 225 SEK
Single room: 550 SEK
Single room with WC/Shower: 650 SEK
Small single room: 520 SEK
Double room: 650 SEK
Double room with WC/Shower: 750 SEK
Three bed room: 720 SEK
Four bed room: 1000 SEK

Sheets : 50 SEK
Towel: 20 SEK

Cancellation at least one day in advance, otherwise you will be debeted for the first night according to general hotel rules.

A valid student ID is required to get the studentprice.